Jamstack Forms for your static website!

    JAMstack Forms

    Process, deliver, and securely store your submission data
    Form backend platform for designers and developers. Setup your form endpoints for your static site within minutes and expand your...
    jamstack forms backend for static websites
    Netlify Forms
    Built-in form handling on building time by parsing HTML files directly at deploy time.
    The most revolutionary form service for web agencies.
    Form Submit
    Connect your form to our form endpoint and we’ll email you the submissions. No PHP, Javascript or any backend code...
    Static Kit
    You have better things to do than build yet another form backend. We give you the building blocks you need...
    People-friendly forms and surveys. Turn a list of questions into a conversation. And get better data to fuel your business.
    World's fastest form builder for JAMstack websites.
    The form solution for any developer. Use your own frontend code. Submit to our API. We'll handle the rest.
    Staticman is a Node.js application that receives user-generated content and uploads it as data files to a GitHub and/or GitLab...
    Collect info from users without a server — Pageclip is your server. Lead capture forms, surveys, newsletter forms, contact forms,...
    A form backend built for developers: Zapier integrations, zero dependencies, a simple API, and unlimited forms.
    SnipForm is a developer-focused form backend engine that enables developers to create spam-free validated forms in minutes using markup only.
    HeroTofu Forms Backend
    Build Forms Quickly And With Ease
    Build any kind of form in minutes. The only all-in-one form backend.
    but it actually works. Make your HTML completely functional under a minute without a single line of
    Fetch Forms
    Create forms with the speed of a form builder and use them with the control of code