Headless CMS



    Contenta is a decoupled Drupal 8 distribution

    Contenta is the community driven API distribution for Drupal 8, and provides the robustness and flexibility of Drupal in a friendly API-first package.

    It provides a standard platform that is API ready along with demo content and example front-end applications. Contenta intends to ease the pain of using, or simply trying, decoupled Drupal.

    Free Open Source Software to be hosted anywhere

    Contenta is based off of Drupal, which is a powerful, robust content management system built on object-oriented PHP. Drupal runs websites such as whitehouse.gov, grammy.com, harvard.edu, and millions more.

    API ready with excellent documentation.

    A HTTP API is provided ready to use with full auto-generated documentation, and a Contenta knowledge hub is manually curated to provide a list of excellent resources on decoupled Drupal.

    Example (and Open Source) API Consumers

    Many example consumers in different technologies such as Angular, Elm, React, Ember, Ionic, and Vue show you how easy is to build a Contenta project.