Headless CMS


    Crystallize Admin UI

    Bring your own frontend

    Build your own tailor made frontend or get started with our open source JAMStack boilerplate:

    Furniture Shop on Crystallize
    npx @crystallize/cli <project-name>

    More information on how to start in our learn section

    Check out how details of how to build your own headless storefront or content site using our boilerplate for JAMStack eCommerce with Next.js and Vercel

    Key Features

    Crystallize is a PIM service with a twist. Manage super structured product information and rich marketing content in one. Build websites, webshops, Apps and more with a fast, easy to use API and a beautiful admin UI.

    Ideal for JAMStack & React.

    GraphQL API

    All created content is accessible via a GraphQL API.

    GraphQL API on Crystallize

    Scalable cloud

    Your content is stored on our servers, they will be safe, secure and delivered super fast. Images are transcoded and converted to fast WebP formats. HD video is transcoded and ready for streaming direct from our Edge network.

    Structured Content

    Model content your way using shapes in Crystallize. Build a custom content model instead of dealing with fixed, predefined templates.

    Build rich taxonomies

    Rich taxonomies with topic maps allow for building great navigation and semantic linking between content and products.

    Topics taxonomies on Crystallize


    Crystallize offers full multilingual support. All your content types and assets can be localizable, including rich text, images, and more, especially your URLs.