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    Flamelink is a realtime, headless CMS for Firebase. Flamelink offers Coders and Content Managers an easy-to-use interface to add, manage and update content seamlessly integrated with their Firebase project. This lets Developers do what they do best — write white-hot code, while Content Managers can play around with content to their hearts desire.

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    Powered by Google's Firebase

    It's fast, secure, scalable and reliable. Flamelink leverages the power and features of Firebase to create a Headless, API Driven CMS to effortlessly manage your content. It's easy to use, so it's perfect for content managers and coders alike.

    Customized Content

    Flamelink removes the guesswork by allowing you to create the content models you want via the CMS you need.

    Flexible Frontends

    Put your best foot forward by coding in your favorite framework. Flamelink isn't judging.

    Realtime Updates

    The seamless integration between Flamelink and Firebase means you can add your content and with one click, it's out there.

    Official JavaScript SDK

    Easily integrate with your Flamelink CMS.

    • Promise-based, simple and intuitive API
    • Supports multiple languages and environments
    • Built on top of the Firebase SDK

    If you want to know more, check our explainer video by clicking below.