Headless CMS



    Gridly is a collaborative headless CMS for multilingual games-as-a-service projects with a powerful API, browser-based spreadsheet UI, and built-in functions to handle localization and frequent updates.

    Store your structured content in Gridly; create, translate, manage, and update content in one place. Gridly will adapt to your data structures and provide you with granular user access control


    • Version control & Undo
    • Granular user access control
    • Adaptive interface
    • Localization support
    • Instant filtering
    • Developer-friendly API
    • Real-time updates

    Try Gridly

    Gridly has a forever free plan and also offers 30-day free trial for its Essential and Professional plans. Here are a few quick links to get started:

    Gridly.com | For developers | For localization teams | For producers | Blog | API documentation | Support