ARFR let you develop static web sites faster.


    • Watch and Compiles a folder tree recursively preserving the structure using handlebars.
    • Handlebars support
    • ftp deploy
    • live preview sync (firebase)

    How it works

    • Compiles in memory handlebars partials files from partials folder. (Use the partial with name of the file without ext. Ex: partials/myproject1/sections/prj1-head.html becomes {{> prj1-head}} )

    • Copy (compiles) handlebars files from templates folder. (preserves the folder structure). Ex: If you have templates/index.html and templates/aboutus/index.html (both using handlebars syntax), the output will be the same, it only compiles the content.

    • Handlebars compilation errors do not break the node proccess.

    • Copies css from css folder to the output folder slash css. (preserves structure)

    • Custom json or js handlebars data load for using as context.

    • Every time a watch (on scripts, styles and templates) emits a build success event, a signal is sent to a firebase database. If your has the firebase reloading snippet (a handlebars partial), your browser will reload automatically.