Jekyll-like static site generator for node.js that aims to be as compatible as possible with Jekyll.


    Core functionality is identical to Jekyll:

    • Blog aware static site generator
    • Compatible with the Jekyll directory and file structure
    • Use Markdown for posts
    • Code highlighting via Pygments or Highlight.js
    • Layouts written using Liquid template engine
    • Server / Auto-regenerate
    • Extension-less page URLs (i.e. /example/ from /example.html via pretty_urls configuration variable)

    There are a few bonus features not present in the default install of Jekyll:

    • Jekyll-like plugin model, with CoffeeScript/JS instead of Ruby
    • Use Markdown within includes
    • Compile and minify CoffeeScript & LESS
    • Support post and page URL aliases via redirects

    Finally, there are a few missing features:

    • Textile support
    • Importing tools