Mangony fulfills just one task: It takes handlebars templates and compiles them to an output directory.

    Why Mangony?

    Think of Assemble (grunt-assemble) with a smooth mango juice - yummy.

    1. Mangony can be used in Grunt, Gulp or standalone as npm module. It is easy to setup.
    2. By using the provided development server (express) every change is completed in no time, no matter how many pages you have in your project.
    3. Only changed pages get compiled.
    4. Creation of deep ids is possible for all types.
    5. For every type (data, partials, layouts, pages) Mangony adds a watcher (chokidar).
    6. HJSON is available.
    7. Handlebars version 4.x is integrated.
    8. Markdown pages with handlebars are supported.
    9. Markdown-it, markdown-it-attrs and markdown-it-named-headers are available.
    10. Mangony provides many handlebars-helpers: