An easy way to export your Vue.js Web Application into a static website.

    Easy to use

    Write your content in Vue files only. No configuration is needed, just write your Application with Vue.js components.


    If you want to write you content in markdown files, its super easy with the vue markdown filter

    You can extend your Application, Blog or Website with some packages on the NPM ecosystem.

    Nuxt will help you generate and deploy a Vue.js Web Application faster than before.

    Static and dynamic

    Vue SSR is used to generate pages for both client and server; It's called Isomorphic/ Universal rendering.

    Then you can run nuxt generate to generate your static website into a ./dist forlder and deploy it everywhere: Netlify, Githup pages, Gitlab, AWS3, etc.

    Setup a project in a minute

    Creating a website based on Nuxt only takes a minute. Quick introduction of Nuxt : 1 minute