Simple, composable static site generator inspired by Boot task model and Metalsmith. Perun is a collection of Boot tasks/plugins that you can chain together and build something custom that suits your needs.

    Plugins system

    Everything in Perun is build like independent task. The simplest blog engine will look like:

    (deftask build
    "Build blog."
    (comp (markdown)
    (render :renderer renderer)))

    But if you want to make permalinks, generate sitemap and rss feed, hide unfinished posts, add time to read to each post then you will do:

    (deftask build
    "Build blog."
    (comp (markdown)
    (render :renderer renderer)
    (sitemap :filename "sitemap.xml")
    (rss :title "Hashobject" :description "Hashobject blog" :link "")
    (atom-feed :title "Hashobject" :subtitle "Hashobject blog" :link "")

    3d-party plugins

    There are plenty of Boot plugins that can be useful in the when you are using perun: