polo is a static blog rendering tool created with Golang.

    I'm happily using it on my blog:, which means that works fine :)

    Yes, I know that there a lot of them out there but I just want mine to learn a little bit of Go coding.

    Key features

    • Markdown support with Metadata parsing compatible with Jekyll, Pelican & others
    • Embedded daemon with autoregeneration of the htmls in case of any change on the input files.
    • Archive, tags, RSS & pages support
    • Disqus comments
    • Google Analytics support with just a change on the settings
    • Share this support as well
    • Cool & easy way to re-template it, check the documentation or my blog post about it
    • Quick!


    1. Download your version from Gobuild
    2. Get a JSON config from here
    3. Run polo -config [path_to_your_conf] [your_folder_with_mds] [your_output_path]

    If the config is called config.json and it's on your current directory, you don't even need to specify it.

    One more thing

    You can run polo with the -daemon option which will start a server serving your generated content and in case that you change any of the files in the input folder it's going to autoregenerate the site.