Stog is a static web site compiler. It is able to handle blog posts as well are regular pages. It can be seen as a kind of Jekyll developed in OCaml.

    The main features are:

    • It is developed in OCaml and can be extended with OCaml plugins,
    • It is based on a XML engine allowing to apply substitutions (rewrite rules) on some tags. Some substitutions are pre-defined, and others can be défined in your documents or added by plugins,
    • It easily supports multi-language sites,
    • It features an online-editor, to be integrated with git,
    • It has an online previewer,
    • A lot of functions can be used to handle sectionning, table of contents, verified cross-references, ...,
    • OCaml code can be interpreted at compilation time and the result included in the generated documents,
    • Some plugins ease the inclusion of graphviz graphs, and pictures generated by Aysmptote or LaTeX,
    • A markdown plugin converts markdown sources.