With wpwmm4 can create web pages with simply 'make' and 'm4'.


    • make (BSD's make, use bmake package of your distro)
    • m4 (compatible with BSD's m4 and GNU's m4 too)
    • some knowledge about HTML and programming


    • incremental build (with make)
    • automatically generated pages (similar webpage with different content)
    • layouts
    • expandable, programmable via m4 or can insert output of any program


    • convert items of ${TARGETS}: ${SRCDIR}/.m4 -> ${DESTDIR}/.html
    • create items of ${TARGETS_MANUAL}: use own programs, scripts
    • create items of ${VIRTUALS}: use templates from ${VIRT_DIR}
    • can call scripts from scripts/ directory and use their outputs

    Example web page is (only hungarian language). It has multi-level menu (without Javascript, only pure HTML), automatically generated pages (for example galleries with next and prev buttons). Its source is available at github or own git repo.