Tool / Helper


    Paperbits - open-source drag and drop content builder for web apps. Developers will integrate it into their product to empower users (with no technical skills) to create web pages, input forms, email templates, and more.

    All the content produced by end-users (text, layout, everything) gets stored in a form of JSON document. This way we achieve a few goals:

    1. We completely separate the content from its presentation. Think of it as Markdown but with greater capabilities: we can publish into different targets like web pages, emails (special markup), PDF files;

    2. We enable metadata: which means we can add useful information to any element: word, sentence, widget. For example, comments.

    3. We ensure content integrity: no more broken hyperlinks. If URL of a page changes, all hyperlinks pointing to it will also change everywhere on the website or in email templates.

    Besides that, we build Paperbits as the API-first, offline-first, mobile-first solution.