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    A dead simple comment engine alternative to Disqus.

    Features: * [x] Markdown supported * [x] Mention to reply * [x] Image in comment


    Place the following code where you'd like YoYo to load:

    <div id="YoYo"></div>
    <script src=""></script>

    Deploy On You Own

    YoYo is build on top of AWS, so you have to have a AWS Account and setup your AWS Credentials ready.

    YoYo APIs is runing on AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and AWS Dynamodb.

    YoYo client is build on top React, then deployed on AWS S3 with AWS CloudFront.

    • Deploy API
    $ cd api
    $ npm install
    $ npm run deploy:production # or npm run deploy:staging, npm run deploy:testing

    Run test on API: $ \ SENDGRID_API_KEY=<your sendgrid api key> \ SITE_OWNER_EMAIL=<your email> \ npm test

    • Build Client
    # cd client
    # npm install
    # npm run build-prod # or 'npm run develop' to do development on local